Global Privacy Compliance

Innovating the user experience for the leading privacy intelligence platform

In late 2016 the team at DataGuidance decided to migrate the platform to a new technological stack and to redesign DataGuidance.

I joined the team to work alongside the development agency, the CEO and the internal product owner to tackle some of the challenges of rethinking an entire product from the ground up.

The Original Platform

DataGuidance has been widely used by professional around the world since its inception.

As embedded DataGuidance’s design lead my role was to work on the UX strategy and design, produce visuals for key areas of the product and liase with the external development agency.

IA Strategy

The biggest challenge of this project was defining a new information architecture which would resolve some of the complexities of the old platform and simplify the user journey in the new one at the same time.

User Testing & Feedback

Given the importance of the project, we wanted to make sure customer feedback was heard as early as possible in the process.

After the first iteration on a series of low-fi designs, I created an InVision prototype and we met with some of Data Guidance’s customers to hear their feedback.

A brand new experience

The new design provides a brand new and fresh user exprience and contributed to the overall success of the project. Once live, the feedback from both DataGuidance's customers and stakeholders was very positive.