Residential real estate insights in one platform

Helping a young startup go from an idea to a prototype

Geowox is a young startup based in Dublin looking to disrupt the real estate market. I helped them go from an idea to a fully functional prototype in 2 months, designing as well building the prototype.

Brand new

Starting from a name and an idea, I designed a modern brand for Geowox.

Building on data

Geowox helps real estate professionals and developers gather insights on the market in few clicks.

Welcome, Geowox

In this project the time to go from the idea to the prototype was essential. I followed a very lean approach drafting on paper few ideas, defining a high level style and then I moved on to building the prototype.

I develop the prototype using React JS for the front-end application and Node JS for the API layer. The prototype is now live and currently being used by Geowox's early customers.