Being vegetarian just got easy

Designing and building the first vegetarian only meal planning service

Vegly is one of my most recent personal projects which I started when my girlfriend – vegetarian for a long time – asked me to help her design and build a meal planning service specifically tailored for vegetarians.

The Idea

Vegly started from the personal need my girlfriend had of wanting to ensure we’re eating healthy as vegetarians while making grocery shopping and meal planning easier.

Speaking with friends and fellow vegetarians we understand that this a common problem people have and there aren’t many apps or services out there which are specifically targeting the vegetarian community.

Research & Low-Fi Designs

As we were solving a personal need and being vegetarians ourselves, the UX research for this project was quite straightforward. We started creating personas by profiling ourselves and we added a couple of other profiles we thought were interesting to target.

Design Exploration

Following the sketching and low-fi design phase, I moved on to define typography, colur schemes and high level look and feel of the web app.

Bringing Vegly to life

I built the web app using React JS while my girlfriend takes the pictures for each recipe.

Check the live project at